Elaborating and Activating Nascent Entrepreneurs and Inclusive Community through Blended Values

School of Business & Management

So many social activities did not sustain, why?

We found that usually social activism depends solely on sponsors/donors whilst the economic condition of the activists themselves is usually unstable

Therefore, we first ask ourselves a question

How can we get them in decent shape so that their practice can be more self-sufficient and long-lasting, without having to rely on a sponsor?

One of the things that may be done before attempting to empower a community is to gain a better understanding of it. Academic partnership with local enterprises will have a significant impact on the surrounding community. Especially if the government and the commercial sector are on board.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop numerous social innovations based on blended values by incorporating their ideas, skills, and empathy into a variety of programs aimed at activating nascent entrepreneurs and inclusive communities, with the goal of having a greater impact on economic, social, and environmental activities.

Join us for our 3 weeks international virtual course and collaborate to provide greater impact!

Eligible participants

New entrepreneurs, Inclusive community


FREE and get equivalent with 3 credit earnings


Week 1 – Immersion Process
  • Understanding the assigned community culture
  • Collect Secondary data and (if possible) Primary data
  • Understanding current problems of the inclusive community
  • Understanding potentials of the community
  • Social Mapping through Observation, In-Depth interviews, and FGD between beneficiaries, mentor, and participants
Week 2 – Ideas generating process and planning
  • Intensive Discussion and Idea’s formulation
  • Idea testing 
  • Gaining Feedback for their ideas
  • Constant improvements
Week 3 – Idea Implementation and Execution
  • Execution of Ideas
  • Presentation of result of implementation

12-31 July 2021

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Guest Speaker

  • Dr. Hung-wei Chen (Adjunct Assistant Professor at Tsing Hua University, Co-founder of KhuiMng Studio)
  • Joanna Vogeley, MPC, MRes, PhD (Adjunct Academic at Macquarie University, Co founder of UbudCycling.Bike and Prokompas)
  • Dr(c) Rosihan Fahmi, M. Ag, M. Hum (Philosophy lecturer, Founder of several literacy movement: Angkot Pintar, Warung Pinter, Koffie Santri)
  • Dr. Bambang Rudito, M.Si
  • Melia Famiola, Ph.D
  • Nila Armelia Windasari, SA., MBA., PhD.
  • Dr. Anggara Wisesa, M.M
  • Dr. Prameshwara Anggahegari, M.S.M
  • Teddy Yuliandi. S.Sos
  • Wipti Eka Prahadiptai M.S.M
  • Mohamad Yudiaputra.Mashudi M.S.M

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