Intercultural Communication & Conflict Management

School of Business & Management

Cultural understanding in the study of management becomes increasingly important when world activity becomes borderless. This condition encourages the study of management to develop new capabilities that accommodate activities involving individuals with different cultural backgrounds.

This course is available for both undergraduate and graduate students. The course aims to give insights about another form of business that benefits both companies and communities. The other important factor of the course is gaining skills in communicating and working in a multi-cultural settings.

Eligibility: Undergraduate and Graduate students


MB4025 Intercultural Communication & Conflict Management (Undergraduate Students)

MM6029 Intercultural Communication & Conflict Management (Graduate Students)

This course introduces participants to interactional dynamics that occur between and among people coming from various cultural and identity background. Concepts and theories will be taught along with a group project to implement them.


The course will be delivered with two approaches: lectures and project based learning. The lecture phase will be delivered by lecturers from visiting scholars and practitioners. Insights from real-world examples will be delivered as follows:

● Community field trip: Doing a simple study to know the community

● Social enterprise visit: Visiting social enterprises run by the community or companies that works with communities

● Cultural Event: Arts and culinary experiences

● Closing Ceremony: Gala Dinner