Social Entrepreneurship

School of Business & Management

Social entrepreneurship is basically a group of people who have a solidarity, works together to form a business based on empathy. The business aims to attract social benefits which, in turn, can encourage financial benefits. This course provides insights about another form of business that aims to gain not only financial goals, but also social and environmental benefits for the community. The course is delivered through a project-based learning method to provide students with better skills in collaborating in a group.

Eligibility: Undergraduate Students


MK3016 Social Entrepreneurship

An ethnographic approach is implemented in the delivery of this course as students conduct field trips to the community and learn about their culture, life, habits, customs and local traditions. At the end of the course, students propose a business plan that aims to build community-owned economic activities.


The course will be delivered with two approaches: lectures and project based learning. The lecture phase will be delivered by lecturers from visiting scholars and practitioners. Insights from real-world examples will be delivered as follows:

● Community field trip: Doing a simple study to know the community

● Social enterprise visit: Visiting social enterprises run by the community or companies that works with communities

● Cultural Event: Arts and culinary experiences

● Closing Ceremony: Gala Dinner